Totino's Party Pizza $3 MM~Hurry!

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luvcpns from HCW share with us that there is a $.50/1 Totino's Coupon. I finally found it, but there are only 12 sets of 20 left.

I hope several of you can snag a set or two. I snagged one especially since there is the 12 like coupon limit/day. The sets are $3.25 including shipping and handling so the first transaction of 6 coupons will pay for the coupons and the next 6 will be a $3 MM, actually $2.75 if you subtract the last $.25 you paid for the coupons. If you go to the store more than once that week you'll be able to snag another $3 MM with 2 $.50/1 qs left which you can either just get two free pizzas or combined with the $1/3 and $1/5qs. I hope I can borrow my brother's freezer until mine arrives, maybe he'll accept pizza as payment.

Look what else I just found!

Totinos IP  $.50/2 or $1/2
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