Eggland's Best Promotion

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Eggland's Best Promotion - Like us on facebook and redeem your coupon

These are my favorite store eggs. I love the $.50/1 on Any coupons because I can get eggs for $1.39 at the everyday price after coupon. I like these eggs so much that I will pay $1.79 for the brown cage free too. Will I pay full price, yes if I have too. I can hardly stomach your run of the mill white eggs and never would eat the white of a "dip" or over easy egg with those. Once I tried Eggland's Best I was surprised I don't mind the white.

If you don't have access to farm fresh eggs, I believe Eggland's Best is the next best choice and worth the extra cents.

*Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with EB; I just love their eggs this much.
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