Giant Eagle Scenarios 8/12-8/18

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 Hillshire and Campbell's had to be updated since I discovered some differences in pricing and coupons. 

Also brownie pans are depleted at Dover and a raincheck will not be issued because it's not in the ad this week, just the sale on brownies. 

I don't think I added that scenario, but it is Free Pan wyb 3. Buy 6 and use 3 $.75/2 Mqs or IPs and get each box for $.50/1 and two pans if your store still has any. If not you can buy your brownies in multiple of twos.

Not the entire list, but some favorites with the catalina deals figured out for you. Find a complete list at Cherry Picker

Natural Organic Deals Found at this LINK

ConAgra Deals can be mixed and matched too!
Buy $10(shelf) Receive $3 oyno
Update: This is producing multiples! Remember once you hit the $100 shelf price that is the limit~10 $3 Catalinas.  You can do more transactions and get more, just no more than 10 of the same catalinas in one transaction!
The popcorn for example makes sense to do more than one deal/transaction because wyb 4 it is $12.72 shelf. So 16 would be $50.88 and you'd receive 5 $3 cats instead of 4. $12.64 oop Get $15 back making it profitable instead of $.04/box.

8 Snack Packs $.33/1
Sale: $1
Mq: $.30/2 8/1 SS
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math:$8-$2.40=$5.60 Receive $3 oyno=$2.60/8

7 Hunts Tomatoes
Mq: $.45/3 8/1 SS
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math:$7-$1.80=$5.20 Receive $3 oyno=$3.20/7

6 Hunt's Manwich $.25/1 or $.50/1(no mqs)
Shelf: $1.79
Sale: $1
Mq: $1.50/4 IP limit reached; various magazine and booklets
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math:$6-$1.50=$4.50  Receive $3 oyno $1.50/6
4 Orville Popcorn $.04/1
Shelf: $3.18
Sale: $1.59
Mq: $.40/1 8/1 SS
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math: $6.36-$3.20=$3.16 Receive $3oyno=$.16/4

8 Chef Boyardee $.25/1; $.60/1 or $.62/1
Shelf: $1.25
Sale: $1
Mq: $1.50/4 IP (Prints Reached); $.35/3 8/15 SS
Cat: $3oyno wyb $10
Math: $8-$3=$5 Receive $3oyno=$2/8 or $5/8(no mqs)
Math: $8-$1.40=$6.60 Receive $3oyno=$3.60/6
*Mq: FREE Fruit Snack wyb 5 ConAgra (mqs found on the bay)

Vlasic Pickles $.38/1 or $.78/1
Sale: $1.88
Mq: $.75/1 TearPad ;$.55/1 6/27SS

Totino Pizza/Rolls FREE or $.30/1

Sale: $1
Mq:$.50/1BTS Booklet and Mags ;$.35/1 8/8GM
Colgate Toothpaste FREE
Sale: $1
Mq: $.50/1 7/25 SS 

4 Campbell's Condensed Soup  $.25/1
Sale: $.50
Mq: n/a
Cat: $1 oyno wyb 4 Monthly Cat
Math: $2-$2=$0 Receive $1 oyno
* None of the IPs are for the Tomato. Tomato is not "A Great Cooking Soup" Please do not try to use it; it's coupon fraud even if it scans.

Hillshire Farm Sausage(14-16oz) $1. 90/1
Sale: $3 not $1.79 (Dover Store)
Mq: $.55/1 Links 7/11 RP

Airwick Compact Kit FREE
Shelf: $7.99
Sale: $3.99
Mq: $4/1 8/8 SS; 8/15 SS
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