Giant Eagle~New Coupon Policy

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I won't be around much this week due to helping my 75yo mom find a replacement vehicle because she was in an accident that totaled her van. Can you believe she has driven 53 and never had to ever file a claim?  She got her first speeding ticket in her mid50s!

Okay onto the main reason for this post which I thought was important to share tonight.  A HCW member was shown the new policy, from corporate, that there is now a limit of 12 like coupons. The policy starts tomorrow and will be posted on the GE website which I'm sure will include more details. Details telling us if it is 12 like per transaction or day  or other.  I would assume it's per day which stinks when you have to travel farther.  12 seems like an unusual choice, but I'll take it any day over 4 and especially over 2 like some Meijers do. 

Let's dream just a little until tomorrow, I need a nice dream right now, and imagine that it may only be 12 like, but they also bring Super Doubles to all stores not just Toledo! ;D 

Enjoy your evening and week! 
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