Giant Eagle 7/22-7/28

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You will find the link to the ad pictures and typeout HERE.  Scenarios are finished as far as I can tell by going through the whole ad. 

San Giorgio Pasta FREE (if Quick Cook included)
Sale: $1

Crest Toothpaste FREE (Gracie)
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/1 7/4 PG; 6/27RP

Oral B Indicator $.75/1
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $.75/2 6/27RP
*My apologies to listing it as FREE, I only saw the $.75/1 on the coupon for all other models and missed the (2) for the Indicator.

Best Life Buttery Spread FREE (seekeroftruth23)
Sale: $1
Mq: $1/1  7/11RP; 6/13RP; 5/16RP ; IP

Farmers Market/Fresh Express Salad Mix FREE (pittsburgh24)
Sale: $1
Mq: $1/1; $2/2 Blink

Angel Soft FREE (onscreenkitty)
Sale: $1/1
Mq: $.50/1 Any HomeMailer

Banquet Brown&Serve Sausage Links FREE
Sale: $1
Mq: $.50/1 HomeMailer

Scott's Flushable Wipes 51 ct $.29/1(beth81295)
Sale: $1.79
Mq: $.75/1

2 Sobe $.50/1
Sale: $1

Athenos Hummus $.75/1
Sale: $1.50
Mq: BOGOF IP (not reset if printed before this)

Blue Diamond Almond Milk $1.40
Sale: $2.50
Mq: $.55/1 6/27RP

4 YoCrunch Cups $.25/1
Sale: $.50
Mq: $.50/4 5/23SS
Math $2-$1=$1/4

10 Kool-Aid +1 Domino's $3.13TTL 
Sale: $1.25+$3.88(?)
Mq: $2 off 4lbs Dominos wyb 10 Kool Aid
Math: $5.13-$2=$3.13
*Wouldn't buy unless desperate for sugar.

Sargento Cheese $.90/1
Mq: $.55/1 Blink or Tearpad

Eggo Waffles $1/1 (seekeroftruth23 and pittsburgh24)
Sale: $1.50
Mq: $1/2 6/27RP;6/20RP
Math: $3-$1-$2/2

4 YoPlus$.50/1 (seekeroftruth23)
Sale: $1.50 (must buy 4)
Mq: $.50/1 6/27SS;6/20SS; IP; IP; IP
Math: $6-$4=$2/4

4 Trix$.75/1 (seekeroftruth23)
Sale: $1.50 (must buy 4)
Mq: $.75/2 6/27SS;6/20SS; IP; IP; IP
Math: $6-$3=$3/4

2 Lipton Recipe Secrets $.25/1(mcneima)
Sale: $1
Mq: $.75/2 7/27 RP
Math: $2-$1.50=$.50/2
Math: $2-$1.20=$.80/2=$.40/1

4 Cereal (30 listed) Profit;$.38/1; $.88/1 (HCW group)
Sale: $2.50 Plus $.15 Bonus FuelPerks/4 Cereals
Mq:  .75/1 Wheaties, $1/2 Cheerios,  7/18SS;Various IP; IP; IP
Math: $10-$6(Wheaties)=$4/4=$1/1 Receive $.15/gal up to 30 gal=$4.50ttl saved
Math: $10-$4(Cinnabon)=$6/4=$1.50/1 Receive $.15/g upto $4.50ttl
Math: $10-$2($1/2qs)=$8/4=$2/1 Receive $.15/g upto $4.50ttl

Can do as many as 12 cereals/3 deals in one transaction! It's just been reported that you can do more than 3 deals in one transaction if you want to try it yourself. I have only shown the a few deals and without the eCoupons. Please keep in mind the boxes are around 9oz.

More Mqs:$1/2 Kellogg's here, here or here.  $1/2 in 7-11 RP  Mini Wheats, $1.25/3 6-27 RP, $1/1 Cinnabon  6-27 RP (Sarah)
AmyRd says Don't Forget the eCoupons!
Wheaties Fuel-$1.00 (expires 8/24)
Frosted, Apple Cinn,Ban Nut, Fruity&Choc Cheerios- $.75 (ex8/21)
Yellow Box Cheerios- $.55 (expires 8/21)
Trix- $.55 (expires 7/24)
Cinamon Toast Crunch-$.55 (expires 7/24)
*eCoupons can be stacked with inserts and IPs, but each one is only good once.
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