$10 off $10 at Medco with $.99 shipping!

Friday, June 04, 2010 Posted In Edit This 0 Comments »
Free African Black Soap for Me!  I'm so excited to get this for only shipping. My total before shipping was $9.57 and the $10 code worked as they just adjusted it for $9.57! Codes were shared yesterday, but for some reason I skipped right over it thinking it was for a pharmacy and prescriptions.  Today I obviously paid attention and wanted to share with you.   You may see other codes on other blogs, but Coupons Deals and More shared the code that worked for me when another didn't.


So if you've never ordered from Medco this code will work. There is a lot to choose from much like iHerb if you are familar with them. Also have read of others using their $10 for diapers so it's a drugstore/natural store combination.
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