Grill Mates Packets with a Twist

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I wanted to share this here too. Sometimes it profits you to buy extra products even if you don't have coupons especially when the deal produces multiple cats. I have only done the math for the packets, but be sure to keep this in mind for the jars as well or any deal you do.

This shopper has 40 coupons and would naturally lean towards buying 40 products, but it is more profitable to buy four more without the extra coupons.

40 Grill Mates
Shelf: $55.60
Sale: $40
Mqs: $40
Cost: $0 oop
Profit: $25

44 Grill Mates
Shelf: $61.16
Sale: $44
Mqs: $40
Cost: $4 oop
Cats : $30
Profit: $26
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