Yoplait Singles Double Dip~Giant Eagle

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I was pleasantly surprised to receive a $2 oyno when I bought 20 Yoplait today at Giant Eagle. I don't remember anyone confirming that the double dip worked, but it does!  Here's what the transaction will look like:


20 Yoplait $.15/1
Sale: $.50/1
Cat: $2 instant wyb 20 & $2 oyno wyb $10
Mq: Two $.50/6 and One $1/8 IPs
Math: $10-($2+3)=$5 Receive $2 oyno=$3/20

I looked through the ad and this catalina is actually advertised for the Gogurt 18oz, Kids or Trix 6pks and Delights 4pks, but apparently works for the above. I searched for a national, weekly and monthly catalina for the singles specifically and found nothing else.
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honeymuffin9 said...

yes this worked for me too, I didn't realize it until later.

SavenMaven said...

That is great to know it is working for others too! Thank you!

OberleMommyOf2 said...

I love the new look! Where did you get the template?