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Are Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers Worth the Premium Price? (Life Without Plastic Review and GIVEAWAY)

Thought this was a neat and very useful giveaway for everyone. I facebooked that I love the idea the containers can be used on top of the stove.  I haven't checked out the website for other products, but I am curious.  The giveaway ends Sunday, April 11th and there are several ways to enter.  The simplest, just stating a question or comment about using plastic, glass or stainless.

I was going to insert a picture and link to Life Without Plastic, but after seeing the blog decided not to do to their strong feelings of environmentalism which if you know me, I do not advocate. I'm all for changing to glass or stainless do to health concerns, therefore the giveaway is great.

I would just look for another distributor for those items if one plans to purchase.  I know it's terribly hard to find in today's society to find a place to shop, company to support that has great natural, organic or healthier choices that isn't misinformed about our environment, but I do try to avoid those that overtly support certain tactics or give money to a place like Terrapass in exchange for carbon credits. Often it seems unavoidable so I just urge others to do the best the can and let companies know you do not support that information or contributions.

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