Competitor Coupons at Wal*Mart!

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I wanted to share this with you. I found out yesterday from another blogger that Wal-Mart accepts competitor coupons. WooHoo! I wanted to make sure it was company wide so I went to their site to read the new policy which states they accept store coupons. It didn't specify exactly what was meant by that and I didn't want to leave it up to the store manager's interpretation so I sent an email with an example to clarify my question. Today I receive a response that I want to share with you. You are welcomed to copy it and take it along or if you have a tricky store you might request your own.

Thank you for your message.

Dear SavenMaven,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the acceptance of coupons at
Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart accepts the following types of coupons:

- manufacturer coupons (Cents Off)
- free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons

- store coupons (which come from specific store chains such as CVS, Kohls, etc)
- internet coupons

soft drink container caps

The following are guidelines and limits:
Wal-Mart only accepts coupons for merchandise we sell and only when presented at the time of purchase. Coupons should have an expiration date and be presented within the valid dates. Wal-Mart will not accept expired coupons or double/triple coupons. Internet coupons should be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon_ and there should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and scannable bar code. For 'Free' merchandise coupons, customers will not receive cash back -- the cashier will adjust the value of the coupon to the actual retail of the item at the time of sale. In addition, only one coupon per item is permitted and use of 40 or more coupons per transaction will require approval by a Customer Service Manager. Sincerely, Walmart Customer Care For further correspondence regarding this issue, please reply to this email.

----Your Original Comments Were----
Your coupon policy states you accept store coupons. Does this include competing stores too? e.g. Rite-Aid $5 off $25 transaction Thank you for your time and clarification. Sincerely,SavenMaven
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