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I'm a little behind on my posts due to giving myself a migraine on Saturday. I know better, but I didn't stop to eat or take any Excedrin, the Excedrin I just "bought" at CVS. (!) I'm just going to add some pictures and brief descriptions for now and if anyone has questions please ask. I went to Kroger's and Walmart too, but no pictures and Kroger's was a bust since they were all out of Cottonelle and the Softsoap I wanted. So much for that 45 minute one way trip. lol

CVS-Two stores combined.
$1.33 OOP~41.99ECBS Used~$9.96 Coupons~46.99 ECBs Earned~$92.92 Saved~$3.67 Profit
Walgreens Stop 1
The AutoExpressions has to go back. Wrong item in the wrong place at the wrong price. Didn't do so great here. I thought my coupon was $1 off one Lysol, but it was off of two, so $4 more there and I messed up on the RR so no $2 RR. I had to call my husband for a pep talk. ;)

$10.04 oop (with return)~$13.20Giftcard~$34.15Coupons~$22.00IVC~$2.50In-Ad Coupons~
$59.38 Total Savings 86% The rebates I do not include in my totals since I factor in the GC from the previous month's rebates. Just for informational purposes I will be getting back $5 for the Kraft,$1.50 for the Electrosol and $4 for the Slimquik. I need to start staying within my GC rebates and roll my RRs like I do with CVS. If I don't have that "free" money than I don't buy unless it really makes sense.

Walgreens Stop 2
2 Transactions combined:
4 Lysol Wipes $3.79 each/BOGO Free
1 CG Eyeshadow $4.99
1 Dove Shampoo $1.29 (Clearance)
5 Aquafresh Toothpaste $14.99
$11.30 OOP ~$8.50MQs~$10IVCs~$38.60Total Value~71%Savings
Rebate on Covergirl Shadow $5.48
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